How restaurants can use customer analytics to boost sales

Customers are always speaking to you. This could take the form of direct reviews, social media interactions, or word of mouth. As a food business owner, it is critical that you listen to your customers (especially their latent form of communication).

Customer analytics is your secret weapon for truly understanding customer behaviour. Today, we’ll show you how to understand customer analytics and use them to your advantage.

What exactly is customer analytics

This is commonly referred to as customer data analytics or consumer insight. It is the process of analyzing data collected from customer interactions with your product and using the results to gain a better understanding of your customers’ expectations and behaviour.

Simply put, tracking how your customer interacts with you so you can make better-informed decisions that yield the best results.

Why is customer analytics important

If you want to grow your food business and increase your profit while spending the least amount of money on marketing, you must understand your customers’ behavioural patterns. This includes things they already like, things they react to the most, and things they have no interest in.

Customer analytics exposes you to all of these things and more.

How to capture your customer analytics

The first step in capturing analytics is determining what customer action you want to track. This would look different for each restaurant or food vendor depending on the platforms they use for their menu sales and promotion.

So, how do you capture customer insight?

Asking your customers for feedback via surveys or reviews

The biggest mistake you can make is to assume. You can create a menu, plan out what you believe is the best customer retention or acquisition strategy, and then be surprised when your customers review your services.

As frightening as it may be, your customers are sometimes the best people to tell you where to channel your marketing effort. The proper implementation of customer feedback is the best effortless strategy for customer retention and acquisition.

Maximizing third-party tools

Third-party tools are a great way for restaurants and online vendors with existing websites where orders are taken to get feedback on website visits, orders, most visited pages, demographics, and the like. Google Analytics, Crazy Eggs, and Mixpanel are excellent tools for tracking web analytics and customer behaviour. They may not be the best option for deep diving into customer insight and tracking the relevant insight required for better-tailored food marketing strategies.

However, they are excellent beginner-friendly tools capable of producing excellent analytics and customer behaviour insight that can be used to make scaling decisions.

Listing on online food ordering and delivery platforms

Online food ordering and delivery platforms are an excellent way for restaurants and online food vendors to gain exposure and gain access to detailed relevant insight that is critical to the growth of their brand. This is because platforms like “Heyfood” are designed with the goal of maximizing growth for a specific industry, resulting in insights that are particularly tailored to the needs of restaurants and food vendors.

Research data and customer insights are critical when it comes to scaling a food business. Research is used to gather facts, knowledge, and statistics. Insight performs the same function, but it also includes a layer of suggested actions that can help improve the bottom line. More importantly, insight allows us to comprehend what we can do to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Are you a business owner who has been able to crack maximizing customer analytics to grow your business? Share some tips in the comment section.



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All of your favourite restaurants, Bukas and canteens, right in your phone. Order and get it delivered right at your doorstep.