How To Use The Heyfood App

How to place your first order

Step 1

A mock up image of how to input your delivery address on the Heyfood app
  1. Clicking on any of the food icons at the top of your screen will bring up a list of restaurants that serve your chosen meal.
  2. Scrolling down the page and examining sections such as the offer of the day, renewed stores, and so on.
  3. Clicking the search button at the page’s bottom centre. On the platform, you can search for your favourite local vendor or fine dining restaurant.
Mock up displaying merchants on the Heyfood app.
Mock up displaying the add to cart process on the Heyfood app
Mock up displaying the check out page on the heyfood app.
Mockup showing the wallet top up process on the Heyfood app.
Mock up showing order tracking on the Heyfood app

How to use Heyfood coupons/discount codes

Heyfood is always out to make your takeout experience better. From time to time, users get to enjoy discounts and freebies.



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