How To Use The Heyfood App

One can describe the food scene in Ibadan as evolving. From being stereotyped as the primary city to offer Amala that leaves you wanting for weeks (which is not a lie). Ibadan is gradually becoming a budding space for various African cuisines. One can say, the food scene in Ibadan is exciting to watch.

As more people migrate from other states in the nation, the need for Ibadan to catch up with the food demand of the influx of people birthed Heyfood.

Heyfood can be described as a virtual window of the food scene here in Ibadan. From local favourites to fine dining experiences, there is something for every budget and every craving.

New to Heyfood? Here is how to navigate the app.

How to place your first order

Step 1

Get the Heyfood app (To download, click here) and create an account. Once your account has been created, you will access the home page.

At the top centre of the page, you will see your present location. Click it to input your preferred delivery address. Select your preferred drop-off option, then proceed to save.

This address will be saved and made available to you when you need it.

A mock up image of how to input your delivery address on the Heyfood app

Step 2

From the home screen, select the restaurant of your choosing. This can be done in a number of ways.

  1. Clicking on any of the food icons at the top of your screen will bring up a list of restaurants that serve your chosen meal.
  2. Scrolling down the page and examining sections such as the offer of the day, renewed stores, and so on.
  3. Clicking the search button at the page’s bottom centre. On the platform, you can search for your favourite local vendor or fine dining restaurant.
Mock up displaying merchants on the Heyfood app.

Step 3

Once you’ve decided on a vendor, go over their menu and select your desired item(s).

Click the green “Add to cart” button at the bottom centre of the screen to add the item(s) to the cart.

Return to your preferred vendor’s page to place more orders, or click the same green button to view the items in your cart.

Mock up displaying the add to cart process on the Heyfood app

If asked, select the location that best describes where you want your meal delivered when you arrive at the checkout.

Mock up displaying the check out page on the heyfood app.

Step 4

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. There, your order summary and wallet balance will be available.

To add money to your wallet, click the green “Heypay” button. You can then transfer funds to the listed account to top up your wallet or add a debit card as a payment option.

Mockup showing the wallet top up process on the Heyfood app.

Step 5

Once your wallet is credited, click the green continue button, your order will be processed and your meal delivered in minutes.

Mock up showing order tracking on the Heyfood app

How to use Heyfood coupons/discount codes

Heyfood is always out to make your takeout experience better. From time to time, users get to enjoy discounts and freebies.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to apply discount codes.

Step 1

Refer to steps 1–3 of how to place your first order. When you land on your check-out page, scroll to the bottom of the page. In your summary section, right above your wallet balance, you will see the option “Promo code”. Click on it and enter the promo code or discount code you have. Details of your promo code will appear.

Step 2

Click “Remove” to remove the code if you wish not to proceed with it. Or, click the top left arrow to take you back to your check-out page.

Sept 3

Proceed to top up your wallet or pay with your debit card and have your order delivered to you within minutes.

We hope you found this brief helpful overview. If you still find it a bit tasking navigating the app, feel feel to contact customer support here.

Still haven’t downloaded the app? Click here to download.

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All of your favourite restaurants, Bukas and canteens, right in your phone. Order and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

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All of your favourite restaurants, Bukas and canteens, right in your phone. Order and get it delivered right at your doorstep.