Introducing HeyFood!

3 min readDec 31, 2021


Hi there, so this is officially our first blog! Yay us.

Hello Heyfooders…

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably downloaded the HeyFood app, and hopefully ordered from us (sprinkles powder [but for real, shey you’ve ordered from us? 🥺]) or have found us on one of our multiple social media platforms. If you don’t have the HeyFood app yet, click here to get on the soft side of life.

Let’s introduce the brand to you.

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Eating good food and a balanced meal is a serious ongoing struggle for most young people.

From spending hours in commute from the school/office to the home, to meeting harrowing deadlines that leave you barely able to catch your breath, there is simply not enough time to get to the market and make all the elaborate preparations that come with preparing good food.

And this is why so many of us end up living on unhealthy, unnatural junk and risking our health alongside.

Bulking up on processed and unhealthy roadside food can increase the risks of;

  1. Obesity
  2. Infections and poor abdominal health
  3. Poor Mental health
  4. Low energy and low productivity.
  5. Poor immunity against diseases.

In the long run, access to good food is a human necessity.

That’s why HeyFood was created, out of necessity; Eating well should NEVER be a tug of war or a cause of worry!!!

There are tons of businesses already making good food, so how do we get these businesses to the hungry, busy young people who simply don’t have the time or convenience to go to restaurants?

Efficient food delivery was the obvious answer.

We started by creating a user-friendly app, with a highly interactive dashboard, providing access to all the most affordable and highly rated restaurants and food vendors across the Brown-roof city.

Our vendor onboarding process is super easy and accessible as we want to ensure that all our vendors and their products get the full visibility they deserve and are seen by the right people.

The app was launched in July and so far has successfully onboarded 37 vendors and about 2,000 users. We have completed several successful deliveries across Ibadan with a customer satisfaction rate of 90%.

Thank you to all those who have trusted us to add a new level of comfort and convenience to their lives.

We hope you continue to share the word with more people in your circle, and of course, we are dedicated to stepping up our game every single day and providing only the best premium services to you.

Please give your feedback and let us know which aspects of our services you need more from and which areas we haven’t delivered on.

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We can’t wait to hear from you.




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