Staffing plan for small businesses. How being a Heyfood merchant benefits your personnel planning.

As a small business owner think back. Have you ever had to downsize staff because you had more than you needed? or fire particular personnel because they were not fit for the role?.

All that could have been avoided if you had a proper staffing plan.

What is a staffing plan?

A staffing plan is a calculated drafting process by which a company identifies its personnel requirements. For better understanding, it is a process that helps you to understand and outline the types/quantity of staff your company needs for its growth and the skill levels your employees need to have to achieve your goals.

Benefits of a staffing plan

  • Increases employee performance and retention:

Although the duty of creating a staffing plan is usually for the HR department, as a small business owner having an HR department is out of the question.

I bet your next question is how do I make a staffing plan?

Step one:

Take a book and jot down

  • your current staff; the roles they perform;

Step two;

Identify your business goals

These goals are usually outlined in the overreaching goals of the business, this step the staffing plan, and the goals of the company have to align for the company to grow. How will you know how many staff you will need for the future if the future is unclear? Create a business goal plan today.

Step 3

Do a gap analysis, check out the discrepancies in your present staffing arrangement, how many more personnel you will need to fulfill your goals, what skill are your staff currently lacking and how can you change that.

When you have fulfilled these steps all you have to do next is make your proposed staffing outline and effect the necessary changes it brings about (scouting, reassigning job roles, etc).

As a small-scale food vendor, how can Heyfood help you with your staffing needs?

Since you saw the topic, I’m sure you have been wondering “what does Heyfood have to do with staffing”?

Well, with your list of current staff you probably have

  • Extra cooking hand(s),

Do you know that when you register as a merchant on Heyfood, you eliminate the need for numerous ordering platforms and a manager, the inconveniences and the cost of self-delivery? Selling on Heyfood, you gain benefits like; Insurance on the product, a personalized website, ordering procedures are simplified significantly and access to customer feedback to improve product quality, etc.

As a merchant on Heyfood, you get to rest easy knowing your business is gaining sales and exposure plus your customer’s needs are handled at almost no cost.

All you have to do is sign up and let us take care of you.



All of your favourite restaurants, Bukas and canteens, right in your phone. Order and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

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All of your favourite restaurants, Bukas and canteens, right in your phone. Order and get it delivered right at your doorstep.