Where to eat in Ibadan

7 min readAug 30, 2022

Ibadan, often known as the “city of brown roofs,” has earned a reputation as a haven for serenity.

But for many visitors eager to experience the city, the key question has always been, “Where do I eat in Ibadan?” We’ve decided to relieve some of your stress by offering recommendations for restaurants and food vendors in Ibadan.

Please keep in mind that this list of hotspots in the city is not definitive. It’s what we’d do if we were in your shoes.

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For A Classic Breakfast Experience

These shops serve hot, hearty meals that will not only give you a good start to your day but will also give you a taste of Ibadan.

Chicken Republic

Image of chicken republic chickwizz and a bottle of coke available on heyfood

Need a quick and easy breakfast? Opt for Chickwizz meal from Chicken republic. Have it delivered to you in minutes here.

Mimee’s Ofada

Picture of a delicious plate of ofada sauce and rice

For a spicy start to your day, we recommend Ofada from Mimee’s.

Omo Elewa

Picture of ewa agoyin and bread available on Heyfood

Get a warm and energy-packed start to your day with a soft serving of beans and bread accompanied by succulent ponmo and fish from Omo Elewa.


For a sweet breakfast, we recommend trying the smoothie and sandwich from Dreampod.

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For A Fun Brunch

Here is our selection of the best restaurants and vendors in Ibadan for a quick snack or nibbles.


Picture of bankyloola’s small chops available on Heyfood

Carving small chops? Head over to Bankyloolas for finger-licking good chops and nibbles.

Mr Emi’s Shawarma

Picture of MrEmi’s Shawarma available on Heyfood

Undoubtedly one of the most talked about shawarma spots in Ibadan. Enjoy Emi’s shawarma as a meal or brunch.

Pizza Novar

Picture of Piza Nova’s Pizza and a glass of while available on Heyfood

Pizza for every taste bud. From sweet, and savoury to cheesy, pizza novar has a wide range of pizza and sides for you to pick from.


Picture of coldstone icecream available on the Heyfood app

Cold stone offers you sweet and creamy desserts to indulge in before you have your next meal of the day.

An unbeatable Amala experience

What is a visit to Ibadan without having an unforgettable amala experience? Ibadan is home to various internet-famous amala spots (and for a good reason). Here is our selection of Amala joints that would leave you dreaming amount the dish weeks after eating it.

Amala Skye

Picture of amala and ewedu from Amala Skye available on the Heyfood app

The legendary Amala. Amala Skye is more than yam flour and beans stew. It's a taste of history. It's a meal that tells the tale of Ibadan cuisine and its evolution in the most delicious way possible.

Ola mummy

Picture of Amala and goat meat from Ola mummy available on the Heyfood app

Want to know what lunch was like growing up in Ibadan? Ola mummy presents it on a dish with an aroma so enticing, you’d come back every afternoon.

Iya Adunni

Picture of amala and abula from Iya adunni available on the Heyfood app

Enjoy the soft pudding texture of Amala and goat meat so soft, that it falls apart as you touch it. All immersed in a pool of abula. Iya Adunni is definitely worth the visit.

Pasta That Is Worth Every Penny

Indulge in the light and springy Italian dish found in Ibadan. Here is our selection of pasta to try when you are in Ibadan.

Chef Kabs

Picture of Chef Kabs stir-fried spaghetti and plantain from the Heyfood app

Chef Kabs offers Protein-rich, full-bodied al dente pasta, so delicious and filling, that you’d be back for more.

Lolu’s Cuisine

Pictute of Penne pasta and peppered turkey from Lolu’s cuisine available on the Heyfood app

Lolu’s cuisine is home to perfectly cooked, spicy, mouth-watering pasta. It’s no surprise they remain the go for many people in Ibadan.

Dallas Chicken

Picture of stir-fried pasta from Dallas chicken available on the Heyfood App

Craving pasta that is rich yet mild in flavor? Dallas chicken is your go-to.

Cuisine Extra

Picture of stir-fried pasta and chicken from Cuisine extra available on Heyfood app

Packed with flavour, proteins, and veggies. Cuisine extra redefines a balanced diet in a tasty pasta-filled way.

Comfort Soups For Days

From spicy cravings to meals that make you feel like you are receiving a hug from a loved one. Ibadan vendors have diverse meals to help you feel warm and cosy when you need them.


picture of sea food okra from crabandsnail available on Heyfood

Yearning for some seafood? Crabandsnails offers a variety of seafood-inspired dishes.


Picture of pepper soup from ariunicorn Available on Heyfood app

Airunicorn specializes in making the most delicious pepper soup meals. The soup is made with your preferred protein.


Nothing says lunch like a hot plate of swallow accompanied by your favourite soup and protein to accompany it. Here is a list of vendors we are confident would serve you swallow that would send you straight for a nap.

Hokele extra

Picture of semo and egusi soup from Hokele extra available on Heyfood app
Semo and Egusi soup

Hokele extra is known for the variety of swallow dishes they bring to the table.

Pounded yam empire

Picture of pounded yam and efo from pounded yam empire available on Heyfood app
Pounded yam and Efo

The pounded yam empire takes the pounded yam game to another level. The soft, warm, and silky feel of pounded yam here are one of a kind. If you’re looking for an exquisite swallow experience, we recommend pounded yam empire.

Iya meta

Picture of Eba and egusi from Iya meta available on the Heyfood app
Eba and Egusi soup

Iya meta brings your favourite swallows to you at an affordable rate. A local favourite of many. If you are looking for a bukka taste, Iya meta is your go-to.

Dollar Kitchen

Picture of fufu and fish stew from dollar kitchen available on Heyfood app
Fufu and fish stew

Dollar kitchen is known for its elevated take on simple meals. If you want to have swallows that feel like home but taste better than a home-cooked meal, Dollar Kitchen is the option for you.

Ile Iyan and Amala palms

Picture of pounded yam, efo and ponmo from ile iyan and amala palms available on Heyfood
Pounded yam and Efo

Specializing in pounded yam and Amala, you know that eating any of these swallows from Iyan and amala palms would give your taste bud a treat that would not be forgotten anytime soon.

The Best Of Fine Dining


Picture of dumplings from tamberma available on heyfood app.

In the mood for something Indian or Chinese? Tamberma is known for its authentic Indian, Chinese, and Italian cultural dishes. From cheesy Nanbread to dumplings, lasagna, and more. Tamberma is a great place to consider for a lovely fine dining dinner.


picture of singaporian noodles from Ibachi available on Heyfood app

Ibadan Chinese Restaurant offers some of the best takes on traditional Chinese dishes. For a lovely savoury experience that takes you on a trip to China, get dinner from Ibachi.

Stone Cafe

Picture of jollof rice, plantain and chicken from stone cafe available on Heyfood app

Stone cafe dishes out some of the most delicious local and continental dishes in Ibadan. From a chef’s take on pepper soup to stir-fried pasta, Stone cafe offers its customers a wide range of food options to enjoy.

Cafe Chrysalis

Beef sauce and steamed rice from cafe chrysalis available on Heyfood app

A hearthrobe of Ibadan. Cafe chrysalis has some of the best African comfort food and continental dishes. Highly recommended by many Ibadan residents.

Capital Inn Restaurant

Steamed rice from capital inn restaurant available on the heyfood app

Capital Inn Restaurant is known for its interesting take on continental and Chinese dishes. It offers a great fine dining experience that is budget-friendly.

Did we miss somewhere or a vendor you think deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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